Contract Review

Real Estate purchases carry many legal risks. The parties are entitled to protect themselves from the legal point of view during a Real Estate purchase. As long as those legal provisions do not violate mandatory law, they will be included in the purchase contract by the land registry or the notary. Those particular provisions can be related to liability for defects, warranties and the handover of property, among other things. Therefore, the wording of regulations is crucial for later legal claims or subrogation/recovery receivable.

We strongly advise you to have your contract of Real Estate purchase reviewed or prepared by our lawyers.

If the contract is too complex our lawyers will contact you immediately and discuss the recommended follow-up procedure.


Contract review includes written assessment of certain risks. Further expenses may be incurred such as support during contract negotiations but these will be discussed and agreed upon in advance.


Contract review                                   CHF 280.00 per contract review excl. VAT

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